G2ACAMAS is a partnership between two airport professionals being Ground2Air and Camas International.

Ground2Air is an ISAGO certified, Ground Handling company at the SSR International Airport and part of IBL Ltd group.

Camas International is an ‘ICAO full member’ international training company operated by Camas Formation Head Office in France.

G2ACAMAS training academy has understood the fast changing era of the aviation sector and the high demand for training in the industry. Having the right expertise to provide excellent training, G2ACAMAS experts have developed custom-made courses in areas of high demand employment especially in safety and security, freight, logistics, customer service, ground operations, consulting, management and any airport related activities to prepare both professionals in the aviation sector or young individuals to enter the aviation market with hand on practical training to serve large international airports’ ground handling operations and travel agencies.

In 2016, after only 2 years of operation, G2ACAMAS, in partnership with CSCS International Manning recruiters, has embarked on a new challenge to prepare YOU to enter the hospitality industry, either in hotels or to obtain your dream job onboard a cruise ship.

In view with the constant increasing demand for cruise ship side skilled workers, a group of experts in their related field has designed the appropriate medley of training, theory and practical, in the 4 most recruited sectors to prepare YOU in order to ensure maximum employment:

• Culinary skills & techniques
• Restaurant skills & techniques
• Bar skills & techniques
• Housekeeping skills & techniques

* Other compulsory courses for cruise ships are included in the package.

All courses are MQA approved and/or IATA Certified.

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